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Holiday Baking: Baking Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten free treats, recipes, and even whole grocery aisles have become more common in the last few years. So with the holiday season in full swing, we wanted to share our delicious Gluten Free cookies, perfect for any holiday get together. To make these decadent bet-your–non-GF-friends-that-they–can’t-tell-a-difference-cookies you’ll only need a few things: 1 jar MJCC Gluten Free Berries 'N Chocolate (or [...]

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Spotted in New York City

During the holiday season, New York City transforms into a magical winter wonderland. Department stores string up lights and decorate their windows with some of the most memorable displays in the world. Mason Jar Cookie Company baking mixes can be found throughout the city, if you know where to look. Our gourmet Jars complement this [...]

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​There’s No Waffling Over These Waffles

Hi everybody! Somewhere in the far reaches of everyone’s cupboards are semi-useful gadgets, gizmos and other appliances that were purchased on a whim, or handed down from Mom with the best of intentions. In fact, I have a friend who dubbed her closet stuffed with juice blenders, thigh slimmers and who knows what else, the ‘Mystery [...]

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​Putting The PUMPKIN Into Pumpkin Spice Brownies

Hi everybody!Ever since it first made its debut in 2004, I always wondered why anyone would want to drink spiced pumpkin in a coffee drink. I interpreted this concept so literally, that I tried to figure out how the baristas would manage to smooth out those orange lumps into the coffee! For the [...]

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​How To Have The Best Bake Sale, EVER!

No doubt if you’re the parent of school aged children, there isn’t a sentence uttered at 9:00 on a school night that you could dread more than “Mom, there’s a bake sale tomorrow and I said you’d bake.” Unless, of course, it’s the other one, "Mom, I'm the dragon in the school play and I need a costume [...]

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Come to Italy and Bake Biscotti with me!

Don’t you love it when you’ve finished a great meal at an Italian restaurant, and just to make the whole experience even more memorable, a sliver of a cookie arrives with your after dinner coffee or tea (or dessert wine)? A cookie that’s not too sweet, with dried fruit, nuts, or bits of chocolate to enhance the flavors; a cookie [...]

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​Back To School Treats Made For Kids, By Kids

Hi Everybody! It’s hard to believe summer is officially over and another hectic school year has begun. Which means, of course, that after-school activities have begun, too. Sports, dance and music lessons are certainly an integral part of their schedule, but I think time at home is equally important for kids to hang out with their family and friends. [...]

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French Lesson

Bonjour mes amis!Last week Mason Jar Cookies made its TV debut as part of HSN’s promotion of the new DreamWorks film, “The Hundred Foot Journey.” Without giving away the entire plot of this epicurean romp, it’s pretty safe to say food has a starring role in the film, in particular, French and Indian cuisine. With cultures as rich in culinary [...]

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No Butter? No Problem.

Hi everybody!Just because baking requires precise measurements doesn’t mean you still can’t be creative. You can swap out certain ingredients, as long as you swap in something of about the same amount to take its place. Butter, for example, is a great place to begin your experiment. Butter, while adding a lovely texture and moisture to baked [...]

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​Anyway You Slice It Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hi Everybody!I spent this past weekend at the beach with a houseful of friends. Trust me when I tell you, this is no ‘throw some burgers and dogs on the grill’ crowd, either. Menu ideas flew back and forth for at least 2 weeks in advance, since this group takes their chow very [...]

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