​Last Minute Potluck Dessert

​Last Minute Potluck Dessert

Posted by Theresa Helmer on 25th Nov 2015

In this final week before Thanksgiving, potlucks, Friendsgivings, and work events are in full swing. And if you’re like me, you may’ve received a super last minute invite or better yet, someone signed you up to bring dessert last minute.  

After I was instructed to bring a dessert, I stopped mid-panic as I realized I had a Jar of Apple Pie Spice waiting to be baked up. The Apple Pie Spice flavor is reminiscent of the wonderful aroma of an apple pie baking in the oven. Even though I had no eggs on hand, I knew I would still be able to make these cookies, and make sure that the potluck would have a dessert.

I started by rummaging through my fridge to see if I had butter and eggs, since that’s all you need for MJCC cookies. When I realized I had exactly zero eggs and not enough butter, I improvised. A quick google search told me that I could substitute apple sauce and baking powder for an egg, and I could replace the butter with Country Crock butter spread.

Once I had the ingredient situation sorted, I simply followed the same directions as the Gluten Free Berries ‘N Chocolate Cookie Mix here.

I actually opted for larger cookies and you can see below in my step-by-step how things should look. I used a medium sized ice cream scoop to portion the combined batter and ended up using two separate cookie sheets to ensure there wasn’t any overcrowding.

Bake these in the oven for 12min at 350F but be sure to watch them closely. I stepped away for a little too long and it was a close call. I took them out and placed on a cooling rack for a few minutes before transferring to a nice decorative white plate. I wanted to make sure the cookies looked a little jazzed up, so I went for one with a more detailed trim.

The Apple Pie Spice was an instant hit at the potluck, and no one knew that I’d only spent 30 minutes preparing them. As always, the freedom of MJCC allows for you to focus on presentation and making it look like you labored over a delicious gourmet treat. If you have more time to plan then I did, check our other Special Limited Edition holiday mixes like Gingerbread or make a jar of your own to give as gifts this holiday season.