Making Your Own Cookie Mix

Posted by Theresa Helmer on 7th Jan 2016

Making a own customized mix is simple, fun and, of course, delicious, plus it’s one of our favorite ways to help you showcase your personal flair and satisfy a sweet tooth. These mixes come in a 26 oz glass Mason jar, with enough mix for 24-36 servings.

In this post, we'll take you through the simple steps for creating your own mix.

  • First, decide on your base. Do you want a traditional sugar cookie or an oatmeal cookie? Maybe a rich chocolate cookie base or buckwheat is your preference? We even offer allergy friendly, gluten free cookie bases for all to enjoy.
  • Choose up to three different add-ins. With four different types of chocolate chips (including vegan carob chips), six different flavored chips (from cinnamon to yogurt), and a host of colorful candies, you can really feel free to get creative with your mix. Dried fruit, nuts, and sprinkles are some other tasty additions to help build your perfect custom cookie.
  • We love for each custom mix to have an added personal touch, which is why you can name your creation whatever you’d like! We'll add a lid label with the blend name, and additionally, we can include a gift note if your mix is going to a special someone.

Even more customization is available from special ingredients, art requests, and junior jars—just call us at 855.YOU.BLEND.