Our Story


We love homemade cookies. Or pretty much anything buttery, sugary and warm. And we like what we like, our way, because we don't have the time to mess around. We want it fast.  We want it easy.  We want it delicious.  And that's pretty much where the Mason Jar Cookie Company came from.

We set out to create a way that anybody - master baker or complete klutz in the kitchen - could make yummy, wholesome goodies from scratch - without the work, the mess or the fuss. Cookies, Brownies, Granola, Pancakes and more - all were on our list.

And we wanted it to be not only natural, but naturally packaged too. So we chose a Mason Jar, 'cause for us there's nothing that says RE-USE ME more than a classic glass Mason Jar. And it's just so darn cool.

So we developed special recipes that work everytime - everything you need is already in the Jar in the exactly right proportions - you just add the fresh dairy at home. And our recipes work with butter and egg substitutes too - Buttery Spreads (we like Earth Balance®), Coconut Oil, Egg Replacers and other neat tricks all the non-dairy or Vegan folks have up their sleeves.

 You can buy Mason Jar Mixes right here on our website or from one of our many retailing partners - we're everywhere in-store and online - Crate & Barrel to Eli Zabar, HSN to the Food Network, the smallest Gourmet Market to the most prestigious national chains.

You can buy our favorites ready-to-go in our Signature Glass Jars or Iconic Jar-Shaped pouch, or design your own Jar blend (and even name it on the label!) on our website. Each Jar is lovingly handpacked by our Cookie Artisans with virtually every ingredient - right down to the Jar - made in the good ol' US of A.  And we support US Military Veterans on our custom Artisanal production line - it makes us feel good and it should make you feel good too.

But what you feel when that oven door opens...well, that's heaven. Mix. Make. Mmmm.®

Mason Jar Cookies have delivered this many smiles so far Counter